Tweets for Today

Just a recap of all the twitter posts I have done today. Click here to follow me.
  • Darth Vader being a smartass ff.im/-3nWSK
  • Google Wave Developer Preview at Google I/O 2009 ff.im/-3o6sV
  • Dont Say Lazy ff.im/-3ogOw
  • Linkin Park - "Destiny 30" - Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen trailer ff.im/-3ogOv
  • I a Star Wars Fan that hates starwars.com, why do I subcribe to the newsletter, everytime I click on video I am told I cant watch it.
  • SWTOR - The Making of Trooper! ff.im/-3omb3
  • Oh my good I can sing along with the openning to Original GIJoe cartoon, word for word.
  • k-on new OP ff.im/-3ooKf
  • G.I. Joe Original ff.im/-3oAKt
  • Fuselage Front Half [pic] ff.im/-3oEPt
  • Chevy shows off Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen ff.im/-3pfPv
  • Second Transformer movie is almost here :) ♫ blip.fm/~7c1ie
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