Tweets for Today

Just a recap of all the twitter posts I have done today. Click here to follow me.
  • Hidoi V2.II - Gunner Type [pic] ff.im/-3jBQS
  • #essofailed We all know plasitic water bottles are bad, so wjy is Esso pushing them like they are the next best thing to free gas eh
  • #comics Archie marries Veronica, poor Betty, I was sure it was going to be her.
  • K-ON - Fuwa Fuwa Time (ふわふわ時間) [INSERT SONG 1] ff.im/-3k3cu
  • RT @screenrant Final Pandorum trailer & chance to win a trip to Comic-Con! bit.ly/188zNW #Pandorum
  • Damien Walters Showreel 2009 ff.im/-3kfeY
  • Happy Birthday @eduFire ! May you have many more. tinyurl.com/cv6tv8
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